How to Dry Out Your Crawl Space

A wet crawl space can lead to a variety of health and safety problems in your home. These can include mold, rotted floor joists, and pest invasions. The best way to avoid the headaches caused by these problems is to dry out and seal your crawl space, which can be done in four steps.
We want to stress how much damage a wet crawl space can do. Your crawl space does not need to be flooded or leaking. A wet, damp crawl space can be caused by open vents, a dirt floor, and water vapor. The stack effect can make this a full-blown nightmare. Avoid the nightmare and keep your home safe by keeping everything under your house dry.

Four Steps to a Dry Crawl Space:

1. Stop water from entering the crawl space.
– Check your crawl space foundation for cracks to see if they are the water source. If you find any foundation cracks, call in a professional since those could be a sign of a structural problem.
– Repair any leaks and insulate cold water pipes (this will prevent condensation).

2. Dry out the crawl space by removing the moisture source and puddles.
– Check grading, drainage and gutters to make sure they are not contributing to your wet crawl space.

3. Clean-up the crawl space.
– Replace wet insulation.
– Remove debris.
– Scrub mold off of any surfaces. This is a job that is typically best left to the professionals. Various safety precautions need to be put in place before and during mold removal.
– Beware of rodent infestations. Rodent droppings can contain harmful bacteria and viruses.
– If there is asbestos, call in a professional!

4. Keep moisture out of your crawl space with crawl space encapsulation.
– Install a sump pump to remove any excess moisture, if needed.
– Lay a thick, 20 millimeter vapor barrier over the floor and up the wall. Do not cover the vapor barrier with gravel or dirt, it will prevent you from seeing if any new puddles form from a plumbing leak.
– Install an energy-efficient crawl space dehumidifier to keep the space dry.

Of course, if you aren’t the DIY person, then let us do it for you. Our crawl space doctors can diagnosis and treat your crawl space. Give us a call or shoot us a text at 217-994-0517. Or find us on Facebook.

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