The 3 Worst Crawl Space DIY Mistakes that Homeowners Make

Some homeowners think they can tackle any project, and while many can, some get in over their heads. This can lead to an expensive problem than if they hired a professional from the beginning. Sometimes these mistakes can be fixed quickly, but sometimes the errors can cause a lot of damage to the home.

When it comes to crawl spaces, there are few mistakes that can be particularly destructive. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner needs to avoid making in their crawl space.


  1. Trying to improve humidity issues with vents.

It can be easy to think that the more vents you have the drier your crawl space will be, but it’s not that simple. Warm, humid air blowing in from outside will actually increase your humidity problem, which will draw the warm, moist air up into your home.

It’s also not safe to add additional vents for foundation reasons. Homeowners have unknowingly compromised the integrity of their homes or damaged important support walls by trying to add ventilation on their own. When it comes to you foundation, just call the pros.

To play it safe, you’ll need a professional to advise you on proper crawl space solutions for your home. Fixing your crawl space is not a one-size-fits-all solution.


  1. Installing insulation into an improperly dried crawl space.

This leads to nothing but a costly disaster. When homeowners see that they have a moisture problem, realize they need a vapor barrier and insulation, and decide to do it all themselves, it leads to nothing but an enormous mess. Most homeowners don’t realize this until it’s too late. The moisture becomes trapped and causes mold growth and wood rot.

Some homeowners read about the benefits of spray foam insulation in retarding moisture and creating an air seal. They assume that the moisture will be trapped behind the air seal and prevent further moisture from coming in. However, that’s not the case at all. Those homeowners wound up with rotting wood and mold growth that damaged the integrity of their home as well as their home’s air quality.

If you are hoping to have spray foam insulation installed, or in fact, any insulation installed in your crawl space, then avoid the headache and call the professionals. Professionals are trained to spot any moisture issues, fix them properly, and then insulate your home, making sure mold can’t take over your house and health.


  1. Gutter & downspouts too close to your house.

DIY gutter and downspout installs aren’t strictly a crawl space issue, but it’s important to note the significance if they aren’t properly installed. Gutters and downspouts are designed to collect water and distribute it away from your house. They help prevent flooding and protect your house overall from structural problems like mold and rotting. If gutters and downspouts are installed correctly or even if they don’t carry water far enough away from the house, then moisture will leak into your crawl space, which makes for a big mess. Keeping your gutters cleaned is important to prevent clogged gutters from overflowing. If you don’t like cleaning your gutters, I suggest getting gutter guards. Gutter guards prevent leaves and other debris to get inside the gutters. As for the downspouts, they should be at least a good 10 feet away from your house to prevent water from getting into your house or crawl space.

Before you decide to tackle a DIY project, take a moment and think whether this one should be handled by the professionals. In many crawl space instances, the answer is yes. If you need a professional to tackle any of your crawl space issues, give us a call at 217-994-0517.

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